FREE Easter Basket Crochet Patterns

Easter feastivities are about to begin! Everyone’s favorite activity would have to be the traditional egg hunt! But, what’s an egg hunt without an Easter basket? All of these amazing Easter basket crochet patterns are free and perfect for hoarding eggs.

  1. This Plastic Easter Basket is super sturdy and quick an easy!
  2. This Fridgie Easter Basket makes a perfect subtle decoration for your fridge.
  3. This Easter Basket is quick and easy!
  4. How cute is this Chickadee Easter Basket? For more chicks, check out these Free Crochet Chick Patterns.
  5. This  Simply Pampered Basket is so cute! Perfect for storage and perfect for Easter!
  6. I loved designing this Chubby Bunny Easter Basket! Its so fun and cute. For more cute little bunnies, check out these Free Crochet Bunny Patterns.
  7. This Spring Basket is so cute! You can add any applique that you want to make it yours!
  8. This Honeycomb Easter Basket is by far the most elegant Easter basket pattern ever! Its so gorgeous and detailed! This pattern was originally written as a CAL, so, just follow the links to get all the parts.
  9. Fill up this Easter Candy Basket!

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