Over 50 FREE Halloween Crochet Patterns

Halloween is coming up faster that you know it. Personally, I can’t wait. Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. Why not start it out right with some awesome Halloween crochet patterns.

These 10 Free Crochet Witch Patterns are perfect for completing any witch inspired Halloween outfit! Some are spooky some are cute, but, they are all definitely all a hit!


These 10 Free Crochet Ghost Patterns are perfect for dressing up your home this Halloween! From dishtowels to candy bowls you can’t go wrong.

These 15 Free Crochet Spiderweb Patterns aren’t as creep at the seem! Some of them might just make your Halloween crochet to do list. I love the spiderweb cardigan and fingerless gloves!


These 10 Free Crochet Skull Patterns are amazingly creepy! Not only are they perfect for celebrating Halloween, but, they are also great for celebrating Dia De Los Muertos.


Candy corn is the ultimate Halloween candy classic! It isn’t a true Halloween if you don’t eat one or two of these! With these 10 Free Candy Corn Crochet Patterns you can take this classic to a whole other level!


Normally, when it comes to spiders, I’d say HECK NO! But, these 10 Free Crochet Spider Patterns are so adorable and fun. They are a great way to decorate your home. Maybe you can even make some to prank your friends and family.


It isn’t successful Halloween if you don’t get a huge bag of candy. With these 10 Free Halloween Crochet Bag Patterns you will have more then enough room to fill them with candy!


Picking pumpkins for Halloween was always my favorite part of the season! With these 10 Free Pumpkin Crochet Patterns, a trip to the pumpkin patch might not even be necessary.


Lastly, check out these additional 10 Free Halloween Crochet Patterns!

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